Compact Equipment Magazine announced its winners for the most outstanding equipment released over the last 12 months- and the ZW50 and ZW80 both made the top of the list!

Simple. The complexity of high tech is not something everyone wants or needs. From the onset, simplicity was the mantra defining the ZW50 and ZW80 compact wheel loaders. Both are equipped with simple mechanical controls and a simple electrical system with no complex, inter-related, dependent systems. They are simple to service machines with engine oil changes extended to 500 hours. Ther’s no DPF to plug, regenerate, maintain, or replace. No SCR or DEF to purchase or fill. There’s a mechanical control lever for intuitive lift and dump functions and a smooth hydrostatic powertrain with rimpull performance and dynamic braking and inching. We could go on, but there’s only so much room.

Click here to read the feature announcing the 2019 Innovative Iron Award win for the ZW50 and ZW80.