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EH4000AC-3 Haul Truck

Genuine Hitachi Parts

Talk to your Hitachi dealer to see how they can help support you with programs and tools built to keep you productive.

You have access to a wide range of readily available, durable parts from the HCMA U.S. parts warehouse:

  • Hitachi Genuine Parts that allow machines to work longer with lower running and maintenance costs.
  • Hitachi Select Parts and Genuine Parts are of proven quality and come backed by our manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Performance Parts will keep you working through demanding conditions. They’re engineered for greater durability, better performance and longer life.
Employee sorting in Hitachi Genuine Parts facility

Proactive Support Services

Work with Hitachi’s dedicated distribution network to expand and refine the most profitable part of your business. With hands-on experience supporting Hitachi machines, your dealer and the HCMA Support Team are here to keep your Hitachi machines up and running.

Hitachi Support Services on Job Site with two men in orange safety vests looking at Hitachi wheel loader

Hitachi Genuine Lubricants

Crafted by our expert Research and Development team, these exceptional lubricants safeguard vital components, prolong machine lifespan, and slash costly downtime. Discover more on our Hitachi Genuine Lubricants page or reach out to your trusted Hitachi Construction Machinery authorized local dealer today.

ConSite Cutting-Edge Technology

ConSite makes it easy for you to manage your machines’ performance and productivity. This full data toolkit features a suite of apps that track real-time performance metrics like idle time, operating time and fuel efficiency; provide location services; and notify you and operators of maintenance schedules.

Our Predict & Prevent approach to machine maintenance is intuitive and informative. It’s user friendly on the front end and connects you to a powerful behind-the-scenes data platform.

From your office desktop or from the field on a mobile device, connect directly to your personal Global e-Service dashboard. You can select charts, graphs or straight data to review the status of your fleet:

  • Group machines by site, project or region
  • View current or historical data such as operating hours, fuel usage, power mode use and CO2 emissions
  • View ConSite Oil Diagnostics Report
  • Receive monthly maintenance reminders and reports

Check out the Global e-Service Member Registration Reference Guide and Global e-Service User’s Manual.
Explore more about ConSite.

Hitachi ConSite

Remanufacturing Brings New Life to Tough Machines

When you need an affordable, sustainable, high-quality alternative to new components, trust Hitachi factory remanufacturing.

Our state-of-the-art reman facility is located at the HCMA Corporate Campus in Newnan, Georgia, and produces HCMA Certified Remanufactured Components. These parts are:

  • Built to the most current Hitachi specs by factory-trained specialized technicians.
  • Backed by the Hitachi Reman Warranty: 1 year/1,500 hours.
  • Environmentally responsible in performance and reman processes.
  • A cost-effective alternative to new components — we use only Hitachi Genuine Parts in the reman process.
  • Direct shipped to you wherever you or your crews are working.
  • Thoroughly tested using a load-cell and computer controls from model-specific machines to ensure they use the same computer parameters your machines are running in the field.

HCMA Certified Remanufactured Components:

  • Axles
  • Differentials
  • Transmissions
  • Torque Converters
  • Cylinders
  • Starters
  • Alternators
Hitachi Remanufacturing Technician assembling equipment

On-Site and Online Training

Your Hitachi dealer has been professionally trained at our campus in Newnan, Georgia. They will give you and your team the best technical support and the latest updates and insights. You’ll learn to save time troubleshooting, solve problems using your mobile devices and get real-time solutions on demand.

Contact your Hitachi dealer to arrange an on-site training.

Hitachi On Site Training with Trainer pointing to something on wheel loader for trainee

Extended Warranty for Longer Machine Life

All new Hitachi equipment has our comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty. But when you have a tough job to do — in even tougher conditions — you can benefit from even more peace of mind. ​Hitachi Extended Life Program (HELP) is a unique extended warranty program designed to optimize the performance of your machine, or fleet of machines. It can help you reduce downtime ​and unpredictable equipment repair costs, ​while ensuring a higher resale value.​​ Depending on your model, you can get coverage from ​4​ years and 5,000 hours up to ​7​ years and 10,000 hours.

You can purchase an extended warranty at any time within the standard warranty period​, but ​purchasing it soon after delivery and before 500 hours will allow you to take advantage of cost savings.

Hitachi has you covered, bumper to bumper!

  • Get peace of mind.​ Unexpected repairs will not affect your financial plans.
  • Repairs are done by your authorized​ Hitachi ​dealer, ​using Hitachi genuine parts. Your dealer can also help you with preventive care that can reduce machine downtime.
  • ​You’ll have records for maintenance, repair and oil analysis that can be used to evaluate and increase resale value.


Explore additional coverage options for your equipment.

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