The 80,028-pound (36,330-kg) Hitachi ZX350LC-6 HP excavator can tackle the toughest production jobs with a hydraulic system that boosts productivity and options that can tailor the machine to the task. This includes a variety of track widths, arm lengths, bucket sizes and more. Work modes like the new high-performance HP mode join the existing Thumb, Tilting Rotator and Tilting Bucket modes to give you the versatility to tackle a wide range of tasks. The HP mode increases engine speed and hydraulic-pump output torque when a job requires extra speed and/or heavy-duty work.

Gain performance and efficiency

Fuel cost is a major consideration for anyone operating a larger excavator. It can often account for the largest portion of the ownership cost. At the heart of the ZX350LC-6 HP, the new three-pump TRIAS II hydraulic system reduces fuel consumption and increases efficiency. The third pump contributes to several of the main actuators, giving priority to the swing circuit. Fine-tuned control valve spools, multiple pressure sensors and computer-controlled solenoid valves maximize efficiency and multifunctional productivity without sacrificing fuel economy.

There are losses inherent to all hydraulic systems. The TRIAS II hydraulic system was engineered to reduce losses that occur during spool or valve operation.

To maximize your bottom line, you want a machine that offers superior performance and responsiveness while consuming less fuel. Speed and productivity can help shorten timelines and ensure jobs stay on track. The TRIAS II system allows the Hitachi ZX350 LC-6 HP excavator to maintain precise and responsive operator controls.

Enhanced visibility adds confidence

When working on any job site, you need to be aware of your surroundings. Hitachi ZAXIS-6 series excavators provide a superior 360-degree view around the machine.

Visibility is further enhanced with the Aerial Angle peripheral vision display camera system. It provides a wide 270-degree view of the machine’s immediate environment. You can choose from three different image layouts to suit your work environment.

Boost uptime

Simplified daily maintenance and enhanced durability features keep you right where you need to be — up and running. Wide-open engine covers provide easy access, while filters are within reach and take just minutes to maintain.

Undercarriage durability has been enhanced with an integrated idler and adjuster, a new shape for the lower roller and a reinforced idler bracket with a slanted side frame. Bearing size has increased for additional strength.

ConSite® tracks Hitachi excavator performance metrics like idle time, operating time and fuel efficiency along with location services in real time, and it alerts owners and operators to upcoming maintenance needs. These “predict and prevent” tools help fleet managers maximize machine efficiency, minimize downtime and improve overall performance. ConSite® Oil is a new feature that constantly monitors the condition of vital engine oil, providing an added layer of security.

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