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Mine sites are getting serious about decarbonization, and more are exploring electrification as a possible solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing carbon emissions while maintaining productivity is a formidable challenge as mining remains an energy-intensive activity.

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Advanced hydraulics and increased arm and boom speed make the ZX890LC-6 the ideal excavator to load rock trucks day after day for optimum quarry operation.

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The HP mode increases engine speed and hydraulic-pump output torque when a job requires extra speed and/or heavy-duty work.

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TRIAS Hydraulic System Sets Benchmark for Excavator Efficiency

TRIAS hydraulic system design allows Hitachi excavators to save fuel while providing class-leading performance.

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TRIAS hydraulic system

Hitachi ZW370-6 Wheel Loader Built for the Quarry

The right wheel loader for aggregates use should offer a combination of specs and features that optimize daily operations, including cycle time, breakout force and bucket capacity.

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Machine Heads Deep Dive On Hitachi Zx26u-5n And Zx50u-5n Mini Excavators

Keith Gribbins, publisher at Compact Equipment, previewed the Hitachi ZX26U-5N and ZX50U-5N mini excavators at an event in Pine Mountain, Georgia.

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Hitachi ZW100 Compact Loader Joins the “Dash-6” Line-Up

HCMA has announced the new ZW100-6 compact loader featuring Dash-6 range of engineering upgrades and advanced technologies.

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Equipment Today Honors ZW220-6 As “Top 50” New Product for 2021

Equipment Today has named the ZW220 mid-sized loader as one of its Top 50 New Products for Contractors, based on reader inquiries and response.

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Heavy Metal

Pasco Iron & Metal wanted to spare its operators the shower of aluminum shavings that come from loading aluminum turnings with a skid steer. They made the decision with the Hitachi ZW50 compact loader to not only protect the operator away, but to reduce operating costs.

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The closed cab and longer wheelbase of the ZW80 help to protect operators from showers of aluminum turnings

Cool Comfort

Larry Larson, owner of Larson Topsoil in Central Florida, added two Hitachi ZW50s to his fleet to help his crowded yard load even the tallest haul trucks efficiently. Operators love the closed cab, climate control and better visibility of the wheel loaders.

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Larry Larson prefers Hitachi compact loaders over skid steers for loading the tallest haul trucks

Introducing the HITACHI ZW30 T4F Compact Loader

Hitachi’s ZW30 T4F is compact, comfortable, and powerful enough for jobs from snow removal to precise loading and spreading.

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Hitachi's ZW30 T4F is powerful, compact and saves operating costs.

Hitachi ZW180-6 Wheel Loader Presented 2020 Top 100 New Products Award by Construction Equipment Magazine

Construction Equipment magazine revealed its annual “Top 100 New Products” award winners, announcing the Hitachi ZW180-6 wheel loader as a…

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