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Protect your investment with Genuine Hitachi Paint

Enhance Your Equipment

Your construction equipment’s exterior deserves as much care and attention as its internal components and technology. Hitachi Genuine Paint ensures you can keep your machine looking its best, maintain a positive image for your business and boost your resale value.

Invest in Protection

We’re here to safeguard your equipment. Hitachi Genuine Paint is the same quality applied to new machines in our factories.

Two Convenient Options

1. Two-Component Hitachi Genuine Paint

Available through your local Hitachi dealer, this option includes thinner, primer, paint and hardener. Professionals can achieve complete repainting or touch-ups efficiently, ensuring your machine always looks its best.

2. Single-Component Simplicity

Perfect for repairs and routine maintenance, the single-component version is easily applied with a roller and brush. No need to transport your equipment to the dealer, minimizing downtime and making on-site touch-ups quick and convenient.

Download the Hitachi Genuine Paint brochure for more information.

HCMA Genuine Paint Brochure (English)

Hitachi Genuine Paint
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