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The 49,833- pound Hitachi ZX210LC-7 excavator has a maximum dig depth of 21 feet, 11 inches (6.67 m) and a bucket breakout force of 35,520 pounds (158 kN). Targeting the most popular segment of the excavator market, the ZX210LC-7 offers unparalleled power, speed and precision to excel in diverse applications such as earthmoving, material handling, demolition, underground excavation and more.

“The ZX210LC-7 builds on the success of the award-winning ZX210LC-6 HP introduced last year. We have focused on fine-tuning and enhancing the core capabilities of the ZAXIS-7 excavators to maximize efficiency so you get more for less,” says Patrick Baker, product manager, medium and large excavators, Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas Inc.

For instance, the next generation TRIAS III hydraulic system reduces fuel consumption while optimizing performance. The three-pump system provides quick response to all control inputs while minimizing hydraulic losses. A new arm roll-in metering control valve allows hydraulic pump power to be reduced when the arm is operated with a low load. When digging, the roll-in metering control valve reduces hydraulic pressure loss to the tank. This decreases the pump power needed for digging operations, improving fuel efficiency.

The ZX210LC-7 offers a variety of settings that increase the excavator’s versatility. Attachment/arm priority can be adjusted on the monitor to match the attachment or the operator’s preference. When the attachment and arm are operated at the same time, the operator can adjust whether the speed of the attachment or the arm should be prioritized. The operator can also adjust boom raise priority. This can tailor the machine to do everything from truck loading to heavy digging.

A proven Isuzu engine pumps out 164 horsepower (122 kW). It uses a durable diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) aftertreatment solution to protect the environment while preventing downtime. It features work modes to best match available power to the job site conditions. An auto idle system with auto shutdown control prevents wasted fuel.

First-class accommodations

A first-class cab ensures operator comfort and reduces fatigue. It starts with a larger cab with increased head clearance. A one-touch adjustable air suspension seat is synchronized to move with the console. Noise has been minimized by increasing the thickness of the rear glass. Improved airtightness of the cab keeps the dust out, even when the air conditioner is started.

Four fluid-filled elastic cab mounts reduce vibration when traveling. An 8-inch (20.32-cm) anti-glare LCD monitor provides visibility, even in bright surroundings. It also controls the Bluetooth radio. The operator can listen to music and make hands-free calls from the cab. Long-lasting LED lights provide visibility in challenging conditions.

Low-effort pilot controls reduce operator strain. For convenience, switches have been collectively installed on the right side with easy access to those frequently used.

Designing cabs with panoramic visibility helps create a safe and comfortable working environment. Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas Inc. takes this a step further with its Aerial Angle peripheral vision camera system. It provides a wide 270-degree bird’s-eye view of the machine’s immediate environment. The operator can quickly and easily select the view on the monitor that best suits the situation. A rear-view camera allows the operator to see the area right below the counterweight.

Durability built in

Hitachi excavators are renowned for durability and the ZAXIS-7 excavators feature enhancements to critical components such as the undercarriage and boom. On the undercarriage, an anti-mud-compaction lower roller design helps prevent mud from entering and damaging the oil seals. The upper and lower rollers also feature improved idler sealing. A track undercover protects the joint from potential damage.

The ZX210LC-7 features a strengthened boom end and foot. For durability, the bushings are installed in the brackets at the boom end and the boom foot.

Boost uptime

Tracking maintenance is simplified with the multifunctional monitor. It indicates preset maintenance intervals each time the key is turned on. Engine oil and coolant levels can be checked right from the operator’s seat.

Design enhancements help protect critical components from the environment. An inner element of the engine air filter protects the engine from dust ingress while cleaning the outer element. Even the air conditioner is protected with a sealed internal filter that prevents intrusion of dust into the air conditioner unit.

Using telematic tools to monitor machine health helps boost uptime. ConSite, which remotely monitors operational status and alerts owners and operators to upcoming maintenance needs, is making a leap forward.

“ConSite OIL actively checks engine and hydraulic oil, along with other parameters, so you can see a problem before it’s even a fault code. This increases operator uptime,” notes Baker.

A standard feature, ConSite OIL, monitors engine and hydraulic oil conditions to proactively catch issues before any fault codes are triggered in the machine. This helps drive uptime by catching oil degradation before damage to critical systems can occur. This allows operators to focus on the work that needs to be done.

ConSite Air allows the excavator to be diagnosed remotely. It also allows remote updates of the software. The servicing dealer can remotely diagnose issues that may arise, leading to increased uptime. A ConSite response team is on standby to rapidly resolves issues as they emerge.

The Contractors’ Top New Products Awards showcase new equipment, technology and products that the construction industry and the Equipment Today team have identified as the most intriguing and important of the year. Award recipients are based on nominations from manufacturers, owners, end users and Equipment Today leadership as well as page view data on new products featured in Equipment Today and on over a one-year period. The winning products shown represent the most significant introductions or updates for each manufacturer from April 2021 through April 2022.

In Spring of 2022, Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas Inc. (HCMA) debuted the 50,265-lb (22,800-kg) ZX210LC-6 HP excavator, which offers power, speed and precision to meet the most demanding job-site requirements. A high-power HP Mode increases engine speed and hydraulic-pump output torque when extra speed and/or heavy-duty work is required. The TRIAS II hydraulic system features three pumps that supply an optimal amount of pressurized oil to each actuator. The pumps are controlled electrically for precise oil flow for sensitive front attachment control and lower fuel consumption.

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Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas Inc. (HCMA) announces today that the first medium-sized Hitachi ZX210LC-6 utility hydraulic excavator, built for the North American market, has shipped from Hitachi Construction Machinery Tsuchiura Works (Tsuchiura, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan). The ZX210LC-6 excavator is the first of many Hitachi-built and branded machines soon to be available throughout North America and Latin America. With the joint venture dissolution between Hitachi Construction Machinery Group and Deere & Company, announced earlier this year, HCMA is committed to independently developing and deploying the latest product advancements, technologies, and services throughout the region.


To celebrate this important milestone for Hitachi and its customers, the team in Japan responsible for developing and building this first excavator unit gathered to give it a proper sendoff. Draped across the machine is a banner with the phrase “Empowering the Americas — The Lineup Grows More Powerful.” This message signifies HCMA’s commitment to its customers moving into the future.


Since 1965, with the introduction of the Hitachi UH03, Japan’s first hydraulic excavator, Hitachi hydraulic excavators have been a flagship product of the Hitachi Construction Machinery portfolio. With a range of models available to meet customers’ specific requirements, these machines excel at leveling and forming work for large-scale residential land and the development of social infrastructure for roads, railways and riverways.


Hitachi utility excavators available in the Americas, including the ZX210LC-6 model, are equipped with state-of-the-art hydraulic systems that feature high-efficiency AERIAL ANGLE® technology to help improve worksite safety and the brand’s ConSite® OIL service solution. These machines are designed to help contractors in the Americas maintain the quality of work amid labor shortages and the decline of experienced operators, as well as to contribute to improved productivity and safe operation.

Local sales for the latest Hitachi-built line of equipment will start in North America in March 2022.

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