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Wheel loaders are often the best solution for moving large volumes of materials around the site or loading materials into trucks. But the right wheel loader for aggregates use should offer a combination of specs and features that optimize daily operations, including cycle time, breakout force and bucket capacity.

With an operating weight of 73,789 lb (33,470 kg) and a bucket capacity of 7.3 yd3 (5.6m3), the Hitachi ZW370-6 wheel loader is a nimble machine, capable of feeding crushers or screeners, stockpiling, loading and handling a variety of other tasks in the quarry. Designed to handle heavy rock material, the ZW370-6 is the second-largest model in the Hitachi wheel loader line and offers a breakout force of 51,931 lbf (231 kN). It features a 55,446 lb (25,150 kg) straight static tipping load and 48,303 lb (21,910 kg) static full turn tipping load with a general-purpose bucket and straight edge with a bolt-on cutting edge.

For demanding applications that require high-capacity capabilities, there is the ZW370-6 HC with an operating weight of 79,010 to 79,200 lb (35,830 to 35,920 kg) and a bucket capacity up to 16 yds3. It features a 62,380 lb (28,290 kg) straight static tipping load and 53,340 lb (24,190 kg) static full turn tipping load with a general-purpose bucket and straight edge with bolt-on cutting edge.

The extra bucket capacity can be beneficial when two-pass loading trucks and the tipping load are important considerations when choosing a wheel loader. Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas Inc. (HCMA)  Regional Business Manager Dustin Hoogeveen advises, “Review the machine’s tipping load — the weight the loader can support before starting to tip — to ensure the machine can do the intended job as safely as possible.” While horsepower and breakout force may allow a large amount of material to be picked up, an adequate tipping load is also necessary. Be sure to accommodate for material moisture, as that will have a large impact on material density.

Technology delivers exceptional productivity

Wheel loaders in quarries benefit from technologies that improve operator comfort, operating efficiency and safety.

An optional comfort-joystick steering system allows the Hitachi ZW370-6 wheel loader to reach high levels of productivity with effortless steering. Operators can customize machine settings through the multifunctional LCD display for optimal performance in a wide range of applications.

Several lift-arm and bucket-control options make the operator more productive. It’s easy to adjust the kickout height for the lift arms in both the raised and lowered positions. The operator can set the kickout for the height of the truck being loaded. At that point, the stick is pulled back and it stops at that precise level. It’s the same for the lower kickout height. It can be set so the operator doesn’t have to think about it as they go into the pile. A parallel/tandem setting allows the operator to pull both levels back and the bucket and lift arm will function simultaneously.

Hydraulic system response can affect cycle time. A shift delay mode helps speed up the engine, which helps speed up the lift time of the loader arms.

When the wheel loader is used to transport materials, the operator can adjust ride control by selecting the speed where the system turns on. This allows the system to be tuned for the specific application.

Tires represent a large portion of the operating expense. Preventing wheel slip can extend tire life. Traction control on the ZW370-6 derates the engine if the tires spin. When the tires stop spinning, power is restored to normal. The torque converter lockup saves fuel and will keep the engine, transmission and axles running cooler due to the direct drive. This also saves on tires and reduces cuts.

Machine idling on a quarry wastes fuel and contributes to emissions. The ZW370-6 incorporates auto shutdown. Through the monitor, the operator can specify how long the machine can idle before the it automatically shuts down.

Tracking performance

Telematic technology offers quarries a chance to increase operational efficiencies. For instance, ConSite can track daily production and the machine’s travel patterns so operators can make adjustments for efficiency. This productivity-enhancing service is provided free of charge for four years.

ConSite also includes machine health monitoring can help increase uptime. The dealer can see any codes the operator sees on the monitor remotely. In addition, a mail setting allows the operator to remotely request fuel, service for maintenance or general assistance through either cell or satellite service, and it goes through Global eService.

Request a demo to experience the productivity difference the Hitachi ZW370-6 can make in your quarry application.

Delivering durable, dependable and efficient performance for high production and quarry operations

NEWNAN, Georgia, February 25, 2020— Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas Inc. (HCMA) continues to expand its most technologically advanced line of Dash-6 wheel loaders with the large and powerful ZW370-6 developed for high volume production operations and quarries. The large Hitachi ZW370-6 wheel loader features an impressive 48,780 lbs of breakout force, a bucket capacity range of 7.3 – 8.1 yd³, and is powered by a 389 HP Isuzu Tier 4F engine (DPF-free). A spacious cab with 360-degree visibility, ride control and onboard technology provides quick and efficient cycle time even when working with tough materials.

“The ZW370-6 wheel loader is the newest model in our Dash-6 wheel loader line, and it is specifically designed around the needs of North American contractors,” explains Nathan Little, North American Product Specialist for HCMA. “Over the past several months, we’ve been rolling out the Dash-6 line, which will include 13 new models in total. Each come equipped with a diesel after treatment system that eliminates the hassle and costs associated with DPF systems and onboard technology to help contractors better manage their fleet and operating expenses. An incredible amount of effort has gone into engineering and developing the Hitachi Dash-6 loader line, and customers in every size category have told us how impressed they are with the results. We’re confident large machinery fleet managers will feel the same way about the ZW370-6.”

Durable performance

Designed with a full box rear frame for heavy applications and dual Z-Bar linkage that puts less torque on boom arms and gives the machine better balance, the rugged ZW370-6 can handle heavy loads day-after-day, year-after-year. Its reliable performance is complemented by a fuel-efficient Tier 4 engine with a high-volume cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system, a common rail-type fuel injection system and diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) instead of a diesel particulate filter. Since the ZW370-6 does not have a DPF filter, there is no DPF regeneration cycles, no expensive DPF filters, no DPF maintenance or regen related downtime, and more space for better access within the engine compartment.

Also, the loader has a lock-up transmission that provides 30 percent more tractive force than its predecessor, the Kawasaki Z7, and reduces fuel consumption.

Cab environment

The Hitachi ZW370-6 wheel loader’s cabin provides optimum comfort and control with a multifunctional monitor, roomy cab with plenty of storage and superior visibility. A smooth ride control minimizes machine pitching on the roughest of terrain, and extra engine output for going uphill can be achieved with the flick of the quick power switch. The low-noise engine and sound insulated cab provide a quiet operating environment. There is also an optional Joystick Steering System available for the ZW370-6 to give operators the option of choosing their preference — steering wheel or fingertip operation.

Onboard technology

In addition to featuring the latest in diesel engine and after treatment technology, the ZW370-6 also incorporates industry-leading telematics to give fleet managers real-time accurate information at their fingertips. Hitachi Owner’s Site and ConSite provide ongoing maintenance and operation data and help alert service technicians when service is required. Using this information, fleet managers can improve the efficiencies of their overall operation and help maximize the performance of their equipment.

The Hitachi ZW370-6 wheel loader delivers impressive performance with a low overall cost of ownership. For more information about this unit or any other wheel loaders in the new Hitachi Dash-6 series, stop by the HCMA booth #N11539 at CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 10-14, 2020 or visit

About Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas Inc.

The commitment of Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas Inc. (HCMA) to the North American market is significant. With manufacturing facilities in Banshu and Ryugasaki, Japan; and Newnan, Georgia, HCMA offers outstanding parts availability, an unmatched factory component exchange program, customer and dealer training programs and a wide range of services and programs — providing outstanding support for Hitachi wheel loaders. The HCMA team is focused on wheel loaders and only wheel loaders. Backed by the global strength of Hitachi, HCMA, its employees, dealers and especially customers, HCMA is poised to make a major impact on the wheel loader market in North America. For more information, please visit

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Hitachi says they have increased tractive effort by more than 30 percent on the Hitachi ZW310-6 and ZW370-6 wheel loaders. “This technological advance is accomplished by creating more advanced software,” says Mel Wade, Hitachi Applications Engineer. “The end-user will experience the difference when digging, dozing, climbing hills, or other high rimpull requiring applications.” In the larger Hitachi ZW370-6 and ZW550-6 loaders, the Traction Control System (TCS) can be operator activated and deactivated via the display main menu. As these machines are less likely to move from site to site, this is a “set and forget” feature. In the smaller, compact hydrostatic Hitachi wheel loaders, the tractive effort is regulated with a TCS switch. TCS is useful for snow applications, as well as muddy environments, because it eliminates unnecessary tire slippage and increases tire life. “It’s an intuitive system that balances hydraulic power consumption with powertrain consumption,” says Wade. This system maximizes the use of the available power. The software collects real-time data, such as hydraulic pressure, engine torque, and application demand. TCS determines the appropriate balance to make the wheel loader as efficient as possible for that situation.
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Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas Inc. (HCMA) developed the Hot Slag Package for this severe application to include special guarding, safety systems, and a cab air filtration system. All systems for this demanding application were developed primarily to prevent damage and injury due to extreme heat, as well as the dusty environment.

The HCMA factory installed Hot Slag Package is available from the ZW370-6 through the ZW550-6.

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ZW370 Display at Hot Slag.

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