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Hitachi ZW330 Wheel Loader

Powered by a Cummins QSL9 Certified Tier 4 Final engine, the ZW330-6 wheel loader does not require a diesel particulate filter (DPF), reducing maintenance costs and improving fuel efficiency. Eliminating the DPF is an important feature for customers, says Dallas McMann, general manager of Amarillo Machinery. “That’s an item eliminated that could have potentially caused problems or become a cost item down the road.”

Reliable versatility

The ZW330-6 wheel loader is an excellent choice for a variety of applications and job site environments, including site excavation and development, high-volume material production, and much more thanks to an impressive full-turn 39,300-pound tipping load and 6.3 cubic-yard bucket capacity.

Designed with low operating costs in mind, the no-DPF engine combined with the lock-up transmission enhances fuel efficiency while traveling, and further boosts machine speed during hill climbing.

The ZW330-6 also features unmatched durability, with robust materials and components. High quality aluminum radiators improve corrosion resistance, and heavy-duty structural features ensure reliable performance. The wheel loader has Z-link boom arms designed to improve reach and clearance as well as a box section frame, base mounted boom cylinder, and heavy-duty center pin.

Maintenance is streamlined in a number of ways. Engine covers open fully to allow easy and convenient access to the engine, and fluids and filters have ground-level access. Combined with extended hydraulic and oil change intervals, these features ensure a reduction in downtime as well as a simplified routine machine management program. For total cost of ownership management, Hitachi’s ConSite remote intelligent monitoring and managing application goes beyond telematics to manage performance and productivity. From idle and operating time to fuel efficiency, location services and managing maintenance schedules, ConSite provides in-depth insights into machine performance.


Charles Harvey, mine manager, Big Creek Sand & Gravel

Singular comfort and safety

Engineered with market-leading technology, the ZW330-6 is one of the safest wheel loaders in its class. Particular attention was paid to visibility, which is second-to-none thanks to the spacious cab’s 360-degree panoramic view, a curved engine hood, and an in-dash rear-view camera. The wheel loader’s visibility is enhanced further by thoughtful details such as muffler and air intake positioning.

Operator comfort has become increasingly important, and Hitachi worked to ensure a quieter, more comfortable working environment when designing the ZW330-6. Improved sound insulation reduces noise levels in the cab, and the standard ride control feature minimizes pitching via the movement of lift art cylinders for a smooth driving experience no matter the terrain. Operators can also look forward to a standard heated air suspension seat and an adjustable side console for a comfortable and customizable work environment.

Exceptional features

The ZW330-6 is well-equipped to enable operators to achieve high levels of productivity. The standard E-Stick Joystick Steering System provides exceptional control, and a multifunctional LCD monitor allows the operator to view vital machine operation at a glance. A quick power switch increases engine output to deliver more power when required, or for when hill climbing.

Intuitive, intelligent features adjust performance to match the application and the job site environment based on inputs from the machine. Efficient digging is ensured through simultaneous bucket and lift arm movement, while efficient loading is ensured through improved traction force – up to a 25 percent improvement compared to the previous model.

Charles Harvey, mine manager at Borger, Texas-based Big Creek Sand & Gravel, recommended the company purchase ZW330-6s after reviewing the specs. “We were looking for reliability and productivity, and the power and efficiency of the ZW330-6 exceeds expectations,” he says.

The company, which has a six-day-per-week digging operation that produces sand and gravel for highway construction work, requires powerful, efficient equipment.

“Performance is everything for a company that handles our scope of work,” Harvey says.

View Big Creek Sand & Gravel’s ZW330-6 in action.

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