When making an investment in a piece of machinery, insuring the equipment for damage or loss is not an option, but a requirement. However, in most cases the addition of safety technologies is viewed as an option—despite the inevitability of an accident in the lifecycle of the vehicle.

What are your options?

As safety technology becomes more readily available you will find you have a variety of options.

Pulsed radar technology has the ability to pick up both moving and stationary objects, which overcomes the potential danger associated with not seeing stationary objects or people; the detection range can be manipulated so only objects in the operator’s blind zone are being detected; and there are products available that are impervious to environmental factors (dirt, mud, rain, snow etc…) and are hardened for the specific purpose of working on heavy duty equipment. For use in heavy duty equipment industries, pulsed radar technology is the best available option for worksite object detection.