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Chichester, New Hampshire-based DBU Construction, Inc. has been an innovator since it began offering directional boring and utility (DBU) services in 1998. In 2008, Jessica Towne took ownership of the company with 100% of the shares, making it the first woman-owned business (WBE) in New Hampshire to provide directional drilling services.

Today DBU Construction, Inc. remains dedicated to delivering cost-effective solutions in diverse specialties, including directional drilling, road construction, excavation, site development, utilities and more. The company runs a large fleet that includes modern equipment like Class 8 trucks, excavators, dozers, wheel loaders, horizontal directional drills and vac trucks. They recently moved into new headquarters with a modern shop near Route 4 in Chichester, New Hampshire.

“We strive to provide a quality product within budget and ahead of schedule, emphasizing safe practices,” Jessica Towne says. “Our customers have enabled us to build a great business — one with longevity, stability and the resources to continue to take their businesses further, faster,” she says. “Using our foundation of innovation, I envision that we’ll continue to deliver high-quality technology services for many years to come.”

DBU Construction, Inc. provides services as either a prime contractor or as a subcontractor for larger general contractors and established developers. While it is a small business, DBU Construction, Inc. remains competitive by leveraging its status as a WBE in New Hampshire and Maine and a disadvantaged business enterprise in Massachusetts, which allows it to compete for federally funded projects. The company also prides itself on providing top-level expertise. All the company’s site supervisors have more than 20 years’ experience in the construction industry, which helps ensure projects are completed professionally and on time.

Working toward a common goal

Hitachi ZX210LC-6

Adam Towne, CFO, adds that one of the core pillars of the company’s success is its diversity of work. The company provides a wide range of services for larger general contractors, developers, municipalities and state and public utilities. “It has allowed us to keep crews on the ground since 1998. Nothing would be possible without our great teams who are very dedicated to our success.”

DBU Construction, Inc. looks for its suppliers to be partners in its teams’ success. “With multiple crews going at once, we need timely and efficient service,” Adam Towne says.

As one of the company’s suppliers, Chappell Tractor Sales wants to provide the support DBU Construction, Inc. needs to succeed. “Their amazing customer service and knowledgeable support staff have helped us tremendously,” Adam Towne says. “They provide quick and easy service when we are in need.”

The right tool for the job

DBU Construction, Inc. also turns to Chappell Tractor Sales to provide the latest in equipment technology. They recently delivered a new Hitachi ZX210LC-6 HP excavator, and DBU Construction, Inc. put it to work on a job site at the Abenaki Ski Area in the town of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. This 50,265-pound (22,800-kg) machine offers innovation that complements the company’s equipment fleet, while also providing best-in-class power and speed.

“With any new machine you are skeptical,” explains Jon Asselin, supervisor, DBU Construction, Inc. “So far, I have not found any negatives. It seems to be a nice operating machine. It is quiet and smooth, and the response is great. It is fast for this weight-class of machine. We all know that time is money, so the faster we move dirt, the faster we make money.”


Jon Asselin, supervisor, DBU Construction, Inc.

Power to excel

The hydraulic system on the Hitachi ZX210LC-6 HP sets this excavator apart from its competitors. A high-power HP mode increases engine speed and hydraulic-pump output torque when extra speed and/or heavy-duty work is required. The TRIAS II hydraulic system is an improvement with three pumps that supply an optimal amount of oil to each actuator. This is an improvement Asselin noted during operation. “It seems to be a lot more agile. You can travel and operate at the same time. Some of the other brand machines, as soon as you start traveling, they numb right up. This machine doesn’t seem to do that.” This results in increased speed and agility.

Fuel burn is also a concern with today’s diesel prices. “The Hitachi ZX210LC-6 HP hardly burns any fuel, and you don’t get the DEF fluid smell that you get with some other diesel machines,” Asselin says. “As a business, fuel consumption is huge. This machine has run about seven and a half hours between today and yesterday, and I haven’t even burned half a tank of fuel. That’s really good. Other machines tend to burn a tank a day, plus or minus.”

A variable geometry turbocharger delivers an optimum quantity of air to the combustion chamber under all the Isuzu engine’s operating ranges. This, coupled with an electronically controlled common-rail fuel injection system that delivers a precise quantity of pressurized fuel for efficient combustion, helps reduce fuel consumption.

Safety is a priority on all DBU Construction, Inc. job sites. The Hitachi ZX210LC-6 HP helps on this front with the Aerial Angle peripheral vision display camera system, which increases visibility around the machine and eliminates blind spots traditionally associated with excavators. “It has multiple cameras,” Asselin says. “That has made a huge difference,” he says, because increased visibility provides additional confidence for the operator.

A silent partner

Operating in comfort is very important for productivity. “The Hitachi excavator is super smooth, quiet,” Asselin says. “I can’t believe how quiet it is honestly. The response is really good.”

The reduced noise levels are a definite advantage on many job sites where DBU Construction, Inc. works. “I would recommend the Hitachi due to the new types of job sites,” Asselin says. “We are usually in really tight work areas. The sound level is awesome. You can talk next to it while it is running.”

With the reliable Hitachi ZX210LC-6 HP, DBU Construction, Inc. will continue its legacy of solid work and innovation. The excavator’s performance paired with support from Chappell Tractor Sales and Hitachi will help propel this construction company to further success.

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