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Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas Inc. (HCMA) took center stage when it shared its plans and vision for the mining industry and gathered critical feedback from industry experts at the 2022 MINEXCHANGE SME Annual Conference & EXPO held in Salt Lake City, Utah, from February 27 to March 2. “Our goal at the show was to introduce mining decision makers and our dealers to the new era of HCMA,” explains Babliton Cardoso, senior director, Mining Equipment Sales. “Our focus moving forward is to be an active partner in their operations. We are raising their level of expectations from an equipment solutions and technology partner in the mining industry to become an extension of their business by expanding our team and capabilities to meet those needs.”

HCMA is developing a team to specifically support the mining industry, building relationships with dealers who support the mining industry, and expanding parts services to include a 400,000 square-foot parts distribution center located south of Atlanta, Georgia. More than 70 new team members have been added throughout North America and Latin America, and the company is in the process of hiring additional staff. “We are positioning ourselves to properly support our dealers and customers,” Cardoso says.

HCMA currently has 15 experienced dealers who have been retained to support mining operations; seven are in North America and eight in Latin America. The company will continue to add to this dealer network in the coming months.

Findings from the MINEXCHANGE SME Annual Conference & EXPO allow HCMA to look toward the future of mining and develop proactive solutions. Customer input inspires the HCMA team to innovate concepts and technology that help the mining industry achieve sustainability goals.

Preparing for the future of mining today

The future of mining is bright as the market continues to expand to meet the increased demand for minerals as the pandemic subsides and the drive toward low-emission transportation solutions gains momentum. At the same time, exploring sustainable alternatives to reduce the environmental impact of mining operations is the hot topic in the industry. Mine owners and their investors demand innovative solutions to reduce their carbon footprints and meet environmental, social and governance (ESG) plans without sacrificing performance.

Mine sites are getting serious about decarbonization, and more are exploring electrification as a possible solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Delivering what customers need

Listening to customers allows HCMA to become a stronger partner to mine sites across North and Latin America. The MINEXCHANGE SME Annual Conference & EXPO brings these customers to a central location. “The show gave us the opportunity to learn about the challenges and goals mining operations face and how we can help support those initiatives,” emphasizes Cardoso. “A big topic on everyone’s mind is complying with ESG plans. Attendees wanted to know what equipment solutions are under development to help them meet their goals. They want to understand how future mining equipment will help them reduce their carbon footprints without sacrificing performance.”

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HCMA shared information on future products that can help mine owners do just that. John Schellenberg, HCMA product manager, Mining Trucks, walked several attendees through new haul truck technology HCMA is developing, while taking diligent notes about mining executives’ concerns that need to be addressed during the engineering process.

HCMA announced it is working on battery-powered haul truck technology that will help reduce equipment exhaust emissions while still delivering similar productivity. Schellenberg is passionate about pursuing more carbon-neutral haul trucks, and there have been many questions in the industry surrounding the development of a battery trolley truck. “We are looking to have a working prototype on the ground as soon as possible,” he explains. “But we need to ensure that it is practical. Putting a battery in the truck isn’t the hard part; it’s making it work in a real mine site.”

In addition, digitization and automation of mine sites will continue to be an ongoing priority, according to conference attendees. An example of innovation as it relates to automation is the development of autonomous haulage systems. HCMA is currently developing its own solution. “The autonomous haulage solution (AHS) is being designed with customer needs in mind, allowing trucks purchased today to be retrofitted at a later date,” Schellenberg says. “The AHS has been designed to paddock, over-edge or crusher dump, providing flexibility for the customer. A lidar system has been designed to stop the truck with centimeter accuracy to protect the truck and limit potential tire damage.”

Looking toward the future

Findings from the MINEXCHANGE SME Annual Conference & EXPO allow HCMA to look toward the future of mining and develop proactive solutions. Customer input inspires the HCMA team to innovate concepts and technology that help the mining industry achieve sustainability goals.

The conference allowed HCMA to validate technologies under development, such as advanced hydraulic systems, IoT technologies, electrification and automation. It also laid the groundwork for exploring new product offerings. In the near future, we may see autonomous Hitachi mining excavators and haul trucks that can communicate with each other and realize improved safety and productivity through autonomous operation.

Each year, the MINEXCHANGE SME Annual Conference & EXPO provides a forum for the exchange of ideas that address the top concerns facing the mining industry. It brings together all disciplines of mining engineering and attracts mining professionals from around the world. Over 5,000 attendees made the trek to Salt Lake City, Utah, to learn about the latest developments in the mining industry, including industry innovation, responsible mining, workforce development and safety.

A wealth of information was shared through 430 presentations or papers, and over 88 technical sessions. In addition, 480 exhibiting companies shared their solutions with attendees.

Building on a legacy

Ongoing participation in The MINEXCHANGE SME Annual Conference & EXPO helps HCMA further expand its legacy of technical innovation and dependable performance in the mining industry. Hitachi has established a rich history in the mining segment with a proven track record of innovation and reliability. The brand has established impressive market penetration with over one-third of all hydraulic mining excavators working globally being Hitachi. There are currently 17 mining excavator models in the lineup that range from the EX1200-7 to the EX8000-7E.

Hitachi highly engineered haul trucks have also earned a reputation for efficiency and durability. There are three models that range from the 200-ton (181-tonne) EH3500AC-3 AC-Drive rigid haul truck to the 326-ton (296-tonne) EH5000AC-3 AC-Drive rigid haul truck.

Hitachi is also a leading provider of mining solutions that allow real-time fleet visibility, establish control over mine operations and offer services that help boost operational performance.

HCMA team membersPictured: HCMA sent three industry leaders to participate in the 2022 MINEXCHANGE SME Annual Conference & EXPO and gather critical feedback from mining dealer personnel as well as mining executives who will help position HCMA as an active partner with their customer bases. From left to right: HCMA Senior Director of Mining Equipment Sales Babliton Cardoso, HCMA Director of Mining Sales Hidefumi Asanishi and HCMA Product Manager of Mining Trucks John Schellenberg.



HCMA’s mining team looks to exceptional personnel to provide service, support

With long-planned changes underway throughout the company, the mining team at Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas Inc. (HCMA) has not just focused on equipment, but also on their personnel. According to Babliton Cardoso, senior director, Mining Equipment Sales,  bringing on key people to support HCMA’s mining business in both North and Latin America is a center of emphasis. 

“We are about to welcome two new sales managers in North America and an additional sales manager in Latin America, who will be dedicated to the Brazilian market,” Cardoso says. “In addition, We are looking for exceptional individuals to join our Customer Care team. Hitachi is committed to attracting the best professionals to make sure our customers and dealers have the best support in the industry.” 

The timing of MINEXCHANGE 2022 was perfect for HCMA — delivering a great opportunity to show mining customers not only the company’s plans for the future, but also new technologies and equipment available now and in the next few years.

Cardoso says his team plans to spend the short term strengthening their already robust relationships with the dealers in their network, evaluating opportunities and challenges that lie ahead, and establishing business plans. 

“While our new operational structure is just getting started in North America and Latin America, we are excited to bring the full breadth of resources seen from Hitachi in many other parts of the world,” Cardoso says. “Our objective is to grow our business across the Americas while delivering the same quality and performance that we always have. Our success is directly dependent on two factors: successful partnership with our dealers and customer success. We are ready for the challenge.”

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