“This new KCM half-yard wheel loader comes to North America as a proven performer in multiple markets worldwide.”

– Brad Belvin, Product Specialist, KCMA Corporation

Since the onset of the Hitachi/Kawasaki joint partnership in 2015, the Kawasaki, now KCM, loader offering has expanded to include compact articulated wheel loaders from 1.18 cu. yd. capacity to as low as 0.78 cu. yd., with Kubota diesel engines and Hitachi computerized hydraulic controls. Hitachi has partnered with Kubota for decades.

Introduced during CONEXPO 2017 were two more KCM compact loaders, the 40ZV-2 and 30ZV-2. Both excel in productivity and features, with capacities of 0.65 cu. yd. and 0.52 cu. yd.

The larger compact wheel loaders, the 45ZV-2 and 42ZV-2 models, have already earned reputations for great productivity and feature comfort. The new 40ZV-2 and 30ZV-2 are guaranteed to provide similar results.

Same Technology as Larger Models.

Large Kawasaki, now KCM, wheel loaders are built to be tough and efficient as well. The compact models follow the same protocol as the larger models.

Both the larger and the smallest new models feature load-sensing, electronically controlled hydrostatic transmissions. The same digital feeds provide information to an electronically controlled, variable-load-sensing bidirectional hydraulic pump.

Unlike the larger KCM models with multiple gears, these smaller models only have two: forward and backward. But they can either creep around close quarters or zip up to 9.3 mph. At any speed the travel mode switch offers the most efficient mode for travel or work conditions. The wraparound counter-weight lowers the center of gravity, increasing stability and offering a smooth, balanced ride.