HCMA Updates Wheel Loader Line

The ZW550-6 wheel loader is the first in the Dash-6 series from Hitachi Construction Machinery Loaders America (HMCA), formerly Kawasaki. The 512-horsepower loader has an operating weight of 104,000 pounds and comes with either an 8.2- or 9-cubic-yard bucket. The Isuzu 6WG1 engine uses DOC and SCR aftertreatment, and it has an auto shutdown feature. Static tipping load is 73,200 pounds straight and 6,980 at full 37-degree turn. Height to bucket hinge pin is 16.5 feet, with dumping clearance of 11.5 feet at 45 degrees. Dual Z-bar linkage is standard, and breakout force is 83,460 lb.- ft. Parallel Tilt & Lift smooths digging while the tandem function prioritizes the bucket when dumping.

To read the entire article in the July 2019 Construction Equipment Magazine, click here.