Each year, the Contractor’s Top 50 New Products- hosted by Equipment Today and ForConstructionPros.com- showcases the new equipment and products that construction equipment owners and end users identify as the most interesting and intriguing. Recipients of the awards are determined based on page views and inquiries on the ForConstructionPros.com web portal on the new units featured in the magazine over a 12-month period. Each manufacturer is able to receive only one award, so the winning products represent the single highest-ranking product for each company over the specified time frame. The iwnners are grouped into categories based on product type or application.

The editorial team at Equipment Today and ForConstructionPros.com sifts through the data on the hundreds of new products featured in the publication and online to see which of those captured your attention and interest the most. The process is always insightful in that it can provide a glimpse into not only the mindset of fleet owners, manager, and operators, but into market trends. Historical and current data help to corroborate current industry developments, and patterns can begin to emerge about potential new trends. While the end goal is to identify the top new products, the process itself can help provide direction for what we will be monitoring for months to come.

Obviously, as we sort through the data, there are certain product types or concepts that inevitably find their way onto the list of award recipients just by their nature and/or application. Yet, there are always a few that surprise us. Check out the list to see for yourself, then click on the links to find enhanced coverage (including videos, brochures, etc.) of each of the products.

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