Hitachi Construction Machinery employees recently celebrated Kenkijin Spirit week with special theme days leading up to a company-wide team-building event. Starting with American day celebrating our great country, to Hawaiian Day “Aloha!”, to Decade Day where employees picked their favorite decade’s fashions, to Jersey Day, where all types of sports were celebrated, the grand finale was “The Spirit of Hitachi 2020” demo event.

For those not familiar with “Spirit Week” it is basically a time of focused employee comradery, engagement activities, education, and a reinforcement of the company culture and team spirit.

Many Hitachi Construction Machinery employees have never had an opportunity to operate a wheel loader or experience a wheel loader familiarization. While practicing social distancing, and being COVID conscious, we divided up into teams with one representative from every department forming our teams. This allowed employees to get to know each other better and work together to complete the day’s challenge, a comprehensive trivia game.

Employees learned about the features and benefits, and the technology of the Hitachi wheel loaders learned about Hitachi history and legacy and had the opportunity to operate the wheel loader on a simple course. Hitachi construction machinery employees learned about key vendors, how we market, how many dealers represent our product, our anticipated sales, and how our customers operate our wheel loaders. They even learned the official color of the Hitachi Wheel Loader.

The day culminated with a box lunch to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. This week was fun and informative for the entire HCMA team!